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Companies know that social media sharing is how they spread positive word of mouth about products. Which is why they are willing to give away for free (or at massive discounts) some incredible and popular products! It is a perfect win-win. In exchange for mentioning the product in your Facebook post so that people in your circle can see what you're buying ... you win by getting products that normally cost $20-$50 or more for free (or nearly free).

You are NOT required to post an amazon review and you are not getting any discounts in exchange for doing so. In plain English, whether you leave a review or not is up to you. What is required is that you post about the product on your Facebook. It's that simple! You can see why this VIP Deal Club is so popular!

It Is Free To Participate, But We Have Some Rules...

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If You Get An Amazon Product From Us, You Agree to Post About It On Facebook.

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Leaving a Review on AMAZON is NOT required and Entirely Optional

Rule # 3

Your Facebook post must be left within 5 days of receiving the Product

Rule # 4

Enjoy and Spread the word..

Remember, join right now because we strictly limit membership to 250 people. I realize you may see many things on the Internet that appear too good to be true, but this is the real deal. It's through Amazon and all your transactions happen on their website so you know each offer is legit.

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